Saturday, 24 October 2009

Ungodly lover

I find you amoungst the rotting woodlands
and gentte green wings, cancerous!
burning clover

you decorate yourself
with leaves and berries
and hide in the lime trees

You are bone chilling
and vulruable
i hear your icy chants

You dress in black and white
like an ageing badger
I am your servent upon the toadstool
Oh how i love your tangled petal dress

with your swiss looks
and fantasy disbelifs

Have i silenced you mouth?
have i turned you colour blind?
have you lost your rosy cheeks?

I'm draining i know
I murdered the elf
I stabbed the God in you

I am as stubborn as the wooden rat
and you want me like a piggish turtle you are
The deers begin screaming and kicking
choas oh the choas

I'm twisting with your crow hands
I'm merging with your tree root feet
Keep your innocence
frozen untouched.

your beaded with bloodclots
the cat of the banister
your bellowing, bellowing
oh how ignorent of me

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