Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Nursery spy

It’s me!
The naked crippled boy
The leader of the ghost dance.
He wants to marry me
Like the snarling bride he is.
He spies through the corners of mother nature
And the hollow babies leap from there cots

I am a pervert
I trot with the geese
I watch the mothers hands on my children
She’s on her period
Scattering red ants
I wear a wig
A florescent pink
Like candyfloss
I cut shapes in the wall
And fit the creatures inside
I am such a charming whore

You little boy
Are my everything
You little girl
How I love your perky breasts
I confess, I confess
I love the nursery echoes
And the rusty infant heads.

Where am I ?

Winning the hysterical war
I shudder in the darkest cemetery

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