Sunday, 15 November 2009

Unicorns bleed too

You ulna's came oozing
and shrieking with kittens blood
and witches gum's

peeking and peeling like a voodoo crow
The devils daughter into the light again

She never really has been here
She died between your snake like intestines
In the darkness of the pit

Oh, little ladybird
no black dots for you
red red creature

for the creaturely sky
falls down into the valleys
I've tried to sew you back together

I stiched and i stiched
and you and tore and tore
and molly gave you the look

Your love pet is out of love tonight
His waiting in a pumpkin patch
blood spurts from your wired paper arm

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Shy Sinner

You lunatic loon!
Have you been eating sunshine sunshine seeds again?
You womanizer

I see the oracle in you
I hear your jibba jabba
with your Russian twang
and you knotted liver

A seizure, a seizure
Quick cut the hawk
A white lab coat
A ghostly spacious laboratory

Hello sinner
The crag and the crawling is due
the feeble oh the feeble
A weasel, a vermin jaw

Your tribes fall into the codeine lakes
And the wolves hold back
You spread like fungi
Leaping through the crooked tunnels

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Dressing the bluebird

The sunflower, the sweeties.
The obscene skulls
Racketing like an impulse.
I have many Lover boys
It comes from my humourless charm
It’s a secret gas

The bluebird, the suffering!
The black bells, the ringing!
You have female hands
You’re the jester of the circus
You’re the otter of this land
You’re the earth - God craves

I need you like a habit
I need you like a daisy chain
You spastic, you mongrel
You little Bo- peep

When did I become so breakable?
Like a fragile china doll
Like a spider losing it’s spirit.

Nursery spy

It’s me!
The naked crippled boy
The leader of the ghost dance.
He wants to marry me
Like the snarling bride he is.
He spies through the corners of mother nature
And the hollow babies leap from there cots

I am a pervert
I trot with the geese
I watch the mothers hands on my children
She’s on her period
Scattering red ants
I wear a wig
A florescent pink
Like candyfloss
I cut shapes in the wall
And fit the creatures inside
I am such a charming whore

You little boy
Are my everything
You little girl
How I love your perky breasts
I confess, I confess
I love the nursery echoes
And the rusty infant heads.

Where am I ?

Winning the hysterical war
I shudder in the darkest cemetery

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Ungodly lover

I find you amoungst the rotting woodlands
and gentte green wings, cancerous!
burning clover

you decorate yourself
with leaves and berries
and hide in the lime trees

You are bone chilling
and vulruable
i hear your icy chants

You dress in black and white
like an ageing badger
I am your servent upon the toadstool
Oh how i love your tangled petal dress

with your swiss looks
and fantasy disbelifs

Have i silenced you mouth?
have i turned you colour blind?
have you lost your rosy cheeks?

I'm draining i know
I murdered the elf
I stabbed the God in you

I am as stubborn as the wooden rat
and you want me like a piggish turtle you are
The deers begin screaming and kicking
choas oh the choas

I'm twisting with your crow hands
I'm merging with your tree root feet
Keep your innocence
frozen untouched.

your beaded with bloodclots
the cat of the banister
your bellowing, bellowing
oh how ignorent of me

Tuesday, 20 October 2009


Dear diary ♥

Daddy said there was fluid in his brain today, it was like someone had drilled a hole in his head and filled up with bleach. Daddy said he felt full up all the time. He didn't eat today, he never felt empty like me.Although when I was 16 I saw the bottom of his stomoch in his vomit so he must have felt empty, we all rushed to the hospital and my nan came round with her t shirt inside out to look after the cats. Daddy doesn't like phone call he thinks the goverment listen

The flowerpot girl x


Dear diary ♥

When I was 17 I felt empty so I filled myself up with codeine, it was like popping sunshine seeds into my mouth.I didn't feel empty anymore. It made the floor blur white and then it was silence and darkness. I thought i was in hell, or heaven. I didn't mind. Now my mum has this medication tool box with a pad-lock on the front so I can't get in. Once i found it open, i was tempted but my mum run up the stairs and locked it again.Now i feel weird inside, i'm missing out on the secret.

The flowerpot girl x