Sunday, 13 September 2009

Dove witch

The Insect hunters
full of sunshine seeds
With there Rubber yellow skin
And Red lampshade eyes
Eyes like God
Little German mind

Egg plants, black marbles
Royalty calls and calls
Echo echo! you little sicko,
Clown stalker!
Slug fingers!

The dirty ice weasel
And the crafty funeral foxes
Emerge from the leafy nooks
Tree monkeys eat there own biology
And we eat the cat mould
Dependent on timeless time
Bird cages hold our floating roses
And we live off chewy stale bugs

The fire was burning in Bermuda
And the captain lay in his hammock
Watching the species of trees
The lurking panic

Saturday, 12 September 2009


You are the ancient cradle
The gorgons rattle
You wear a Celtic mask
O, knot how did you arrive?

You are the pioneer sculpture
the orange dandelions
Tangle and coil
Death awaits
The thin snapping legs

You are the afterward planet
Crackled spine
Blue worms inside
Dissecting like a earwig
In a cats ear

You are my shrieking grasshopper
Organism of air
Rockfish and a whale
Ceiling of creatures
Hissing homicide

You are the persuasive baby in the womb
You are the bleak blood
You are the frizzled cells
You are a figment of Satan’s

Suffragette syndrome

She is a dead sea serpent
My dynamite wife
Emerald and ruby

We can hide in the Spiny mores
And prey to the Mottled Gods
A dandy blue lady stands before us
And the men stand on their necks

The bronzing fishes
And the red paper faces
My Cracked fur nose
Oh , you cobblestone

My fabric limbs ,like dying weeds
Cauldron, of sculptures and eyelids
The ark of the eye
The sphinx of whispers

Cobwebs gross around the bars
Comets and bats spew
Inside caves of mouth
Dressed in woodland

Giant shadows vomit
Endure swano alive
O, dainty blemish

I miss your moon face
And your pearl look
I lied I lied
Little girl with her pocket knife

Your gums waltzed across the room
You’re a suffragette
You’ll die