Saturday, 12 September 2009

Suffragette syndrome

She is a dead sea serpent
My dynamite wife
Emerald and ruby

We can hide in the Spiny mores
And prey to the Mottled Gods
A dandy blue lady stands before us
And the men stand on their necks

The bronzing fishes
And the red paper faces
My Cracked fur nose
Oh , you cobblestone

My fabric limbs ,like dying weeds
Cauldron, of sculptures and eyelids
The ark of the eye
The sphinx of whispers

Cobwebs gross around the bars
Comets and bats spew
Inside caves of mouth
Dressed in woodland

Giant shadows vomit
Endure swano alive
O, dainty blemish

I miss your moon face
And your pearl look
I lied I lied
Little girl with her pocket knife

Your gums waltzed across the room
You’re a suffragette
You’ll die

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