Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Dressing the bluebird

The sunflower, the sweeties.
The obscene skulls
Racketing like an impulse.
I have many Lover boys
It comes from my humourless charm
It’s a secret gas

The bluebird, the suffering!
The black bells, the ringing!
You have female hands
You’re the jester of the circus
You’re the otter of this land
You’re the earth - God craves

I need you like a habit
I need you like a daisy chain
You spastic, you mongrel
You little Bo- peep

When did I become so breakable?
Like a fragile china doll
Like a spider losing it’s spirit.

1 comment:

  1. fragile pieces of broke white glaze
    eyes hollow
    sharp edges
    of glimmering porcelin
    segments entwined
    but I will get out the tape
    the glue
    and stick u back together
    my china doll
    so blue