Tuesday, 20 October 2009

The sawdust doll

I’m the water orphan
My lips as cold as tin,

You’re the dainty spirit child
Who eats half the pumpkin
And half the lover

I want to shred myself into sawdust
Like the fake little sawdust doll I am.
You’ve destroyed your dolly

Yellow shredding skin
Full of blood clots and sex,
Hints of Steam, temperature.

I want to bite into your tender thighs
And lick the lice from your French ears

I want to breath in the gritty dirt
Let it melt the baby inside of me

I want to drown in my fairy knickers
Barbwire and orgasm scraping through my sides

You live for the seizures of the devil
Full of bluebells and bolts of pleasure

I live to crawl timidly around the leeches
As artful as the angel
Full of owls and bird houses

You have sunken eyes
And lucky insect legs
I levitate like pollen
And you become the sex addict.

1 comment:

  1. I love this missy, its so erotically charged with fantasy <3