Tuesday, 21 July 2009


I could watch you flourish with thrills or shrink with disease . I could watch you colide with jesters and provide you with my atoms too. I could calm you down when you panic with paranoia. I could give you pumpkin seeds and watch you gleam. I could run you a cold bath and watch you freeze. I could pass you some red wine and watch the colouring of the wine run out through your ears and then we could turn red, like strawberries or cherries or whatever you want to be! I could buy you a chipmunk and we could play whispering games, whispering so loudly that were barely whispering at all but we haven’t quite reached talking level.

We….. Could….. Explore…… With……. Forbidden……. things.

I could hide your shoes I could hide your mind

We could superglue trench coats to our flesh and fill the pockets up with rocks and stones and bits and bobs and walk into rivers. We can mock the anti nature machines and we can discuss our fairy faith and rosy cheeks. Maybe I could show you a window to your fate and I would make sure that the rose on the window wouldn’t burst into flames. Or maybe we could get a bit uncertain and walk down a spiral path instead of a straight one.

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