Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Jester sitar

Dizzy secrecy pampered with kissing gates
And the floor blurs white, swaying like a pendulum
Tormenting experiment
Shame shame staff on duty
Gluing us back together in unity
Like a knife in the draw
Or a coat
Hanging hanging hanging
From a door

Dripping anti everything just mess with your nature
Vomiting violently and elsden talks to you
Magnets pull you away from spiritual corners
Craving for you to stay in the land of living
Lingering in-between
Mixing ambivalence and flowers and fires
Into little pots of hospital juice.

Jester sitar I have found you
Viciously whispering through six square windows.
Precious peacocks flew you too the next puzzle
When you sprinkle your pumpkin powder
My god I could scream as gently as
vines, white tablets and paper cutters

And I was itching with grace
And melting like chocolate and candle wax
levitating, levitating like a moth reaching for a source of light
why does your mouth always hang down?
I could strangle you when you get in my system

You can clutter like little Victorian tea sets around my flesh
Even the dainty leeches crawl timidly around you
buildings between us throw shapes through the wall
now you brush your prince like hair
You shall be the one

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